Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

aboutusAgility, flexibility and adaptability are the magic words that all organizations aim to achieve in order to stay ahead of competition. More and more organizations are looking at outsourcing their software development to on-shore, off-shore or near-shore to help achieve their objectives within their budget.

We realize that outsourcing can provide a number of benefits. Our process encompasses preparation of a business case which highlights the business benefits, resources requirements; internal business processes re-alignment, associated risks etc. This helps in the decision making process as it is imperative to know the business implication of such a crucial investment. 

For organization the decision to outsource their IT operations is very strategic in nature. The decision becomes significantly strategic if it decides to leverage the global outsourcing/offshore model. Corporations must ensure that strategies and tactics are aligned to maximize benefits and mitigate potential risks. We at Integrated Technology Strategies are structured to help customers optimize their onshore or offshore operations initiatives and maximize value addition. At Integrated Technology Strategies we are cognizant of the fact that there are activities which are best done on-shore or on-site and there are activities which can be successfully done offshore.

We work jointly with our clients to plan the outsourcing activities starting with recommendations on the internal changes that are needed for smooth and timely delivery. We help analyze the various risks involved in outsourcing and recommend strategies to mitigate risk thereby, maximizing savings and productivity.

Our solutions are aimed at providing the following:

Process streamlining
Managing and mitigating operational risks
Outsourcing consulting (Business Analysis, location, manage RFP process, Contract structuring, managing transition, managing offshore resources etc.)