Quality Assurance and Testing

Quality Assurance and Testing

aboutusToday software plays a vital role around which today's businesses achieve a high level of productivity and efficiency to ensure success and stay ahead of competition. A loss of quality can impact the entire business landscape. Hence it is very essential that software developed has to conform to the specifications and requirements. 

With the need for more quality software, testing and testing methodology has become an important function in itself. We at Integrated Technology Strategies, provide an end-to-end testing services that addresses all the process needs of an organization to ensure a maximum ROI.

At iTECH, we have an independent team which focuses on testing all deliverables that are delivered to the client. We have developed a process to ensure consistent high quality. 

The quality team focuses on testing the following applications:

Applications developed by iTECH 
On applications developed by Integrated Technology Strategies for a customer, the quality team will be involved with the project from the start of the project but conduct independent tests on the application to validate the requirements.
Applications developed by the customer
The quality team independently tests applications on behalf of our customers which were either developed by the customer themselves or by third parties on behalf of the customer. We complement the customers' team to enhance their testing functions.

We have an in-house Testing Methodology that helps us to assess, create and conduct tests that are unique to the customer's business. Our expertise includes the following:

Functional Testing
- Unit Testing
- Regression Testing
- Usability Testing
Non-Functional Testing
- Performance, Volume and Stress Testing
Test Automation