Product Development

Product Development

aboutusAt iTECH, our Product Engineering Team have developed a process framework that allows quick turn-around times, delivering multiple builds, ability to replicate product technology platform as well as test environments and transparency in efforts spent by the offshore team. These processes are robust yet flexible and ensure business goals are translated into technology solutions while minimizing the risks involved the process.

We are able to accelerate the development of software products and reduce their time to market through its top-quality project management practices, proven processes, methodologies, and tools. Skilled software product engineers with deep experience and expertise in leading-edge technologies help increase the quality of successful software products. In addition to we also ensure that products are:

Platform Independence 

Our full lifecycle product engineering offering is end-to-end. 

iTECH has multiple checks and balances to ensure that the customer's intellectual property rights are safeguarded. Following are a sample of a few safe-proof methods we adopt:

iTECH signs a contract with specific commitment to protecting the IP rights and assurances on the ownership
If required, we sign a non disclosure agreement with the customer to ensure confidentiality
We also sign non disclosure agreements with all the team members at iTECH, involved in product development
We have adequate security in the form of restricted physical access to servers as well as authentication / authorization system that allows access to code base only after proper approvals
To ensure reliability and continuity, we have a business continuity plan that ensures continuous system-up time and redundant back-ups

…Your IP is in safe hands