Enterprise Solution

Enterprise Solution

aboutusAt iTECH, we help focus on providing solutions to customers to solve some key and Enterprise-wide mission critical and complex business issues. To solve these complex issues we are well equipped to deploy efficient processes which will enable our clients to create value across their enterprise starting from the front desk to their back office operations including their vendors.

In this regard we focus on helping enterprise in the CRM, ERP and Data warehousing &Business Intelligence.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM is a customer centric strategy that ensures all internal processes are geared to address all aspects relating to customer-facing activities like Marketing, Sales and Services areas. 
We at Integrated Technology Strategies support the following:


Our certified CRM professionals can examine the specific business processes that are required to support an end-to-end CRM solution. We study the "as is" business process and play a key role in defining the business processes, business rules, business policies and supporting organization structure. Essentially, we prepare a business transformation roadmap for adopting the right CRM solution so that business investments are paid off quickly. 

Enterprise Resource Planning

The ERP landscape has been changing continuously to meet the dynamic business requirements. Accordingly, we at Integrated Technology Strategies have focused our efforts in building practices around SAP and Oracle suites of ERP applications. We are committed to providing service through the entire Service chain, including, Analysis, Design, Development and on going Support.

We aim to provide value-addition to customers to include:
Access to real time information across the enterprise
Ease of communication with business partners including, customers, suppliers etc.
Analyze and strategize

Our focus at iTECH is to help provide consulting expertise in SAP, Oracle and Peoplesoft. We bring in the industry-best mix of Functional and Technical resources as part of our team.

Portal Deployment

A Web portal functions as a point of access to information drawn from disparate data sources in a unified and user friendly way. Portals can be a self service tool for customers and employees to help accessing information that is required for their operations. Organizations are effectively leveraging on the new features that is offered by new Portal technologies to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

At iTECH, we provide consulting, design, development and support services for Portal Deployment and Management. This will allow our customers to:

develop new and strategic business models
increase revenue 
enhance user satisfaction
reduce operational cost

We have expertise to deploy Portal technologies from Microsoft and SAP