Application Development

Application Development

aboutusAt iTECH, we have a well defined and mature application development process including analysis, design, development and maintenance of custom built applications as per the specific requirements of our clients. Our technical project team works closely with business users to understand their vision and objectives. We adopt a partnership approach with our clients' entire ecosystems-their partners, suppliers, and customers-to deliver the best possible services, together.

Our objective is to provide exceptional solutions to a broad range of industries and businesses and through our processes and development methodologies, constantly enhance the customers ROI. Our solutions are practical, efficient and cost-effective.

Our Customized Development offerings are based on the following range of technologies:

Microsoft range of technologies
J2EE and related technologies, and
Open source - LAMP and related technologies

This can be applied to various business applications like SOA, Business Warehousing, Business Intelligence and other mission critical applications.

Application Management

At iTECH, we have developed a methodology that will allow effective assimilation of the code, knowledge transfer and sharing across the team, logging and tracking of incidents and resolution reporting ion and .

The methodology could be applied to:

Enhancement of existing application
Maintenance of existing application
Migration and Re-engineering

Application Conversion

At iTECH Application Conversion process involves five key phases. They are as follows:

Database and Data Conversion
Application Conversion

Assessment - The Assessment phase ensures the conversion scope and areas of concentration are isolated and well defined prior to starting the conversion effort. This assessment provides the details required to fully define the conversion project plan including assignments, responsibilities, timeframes and costs.

Database and Data Conversion - The Database and Data Conversion phase includes the construction of new relational database structures designed to provide the same traversal and performance capabilities as the former database. 

Application Conversion - The Application Conversion phase occurs simultaneously with the Database and Data Conversion. All re-naming of components and generation of new software takes place during this phase.

Testing - The Testing phase is defined by the customer's teams testing standards, testing tools, and requirements. We support the customer throughout the testing phase, and will adjust any rules or re-generate and re-deliver the software if issues are encountered.

Deployment - The Deployment and Post-Implementation Support phases ensure complete and correct implementation of the new software and databases. We can be involved in this phase at any level, depending upon the requirements.